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Max Cleland, United States Senator
„Taibi Kahler has identified why people do what they do. It is must reading for any of us who hope to lead or manage or motivate other people.“

Bill Clinton, Former President
„Taibi Kahler is a genius. He knows more about personality dynamics than anyone I know in the world.“

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator
„The Process Communication Model® provides a framework for evaluating the information one wishes to communicate and the best means for doing so with various recipients of that information. I appreciate Taibi taking the time to provide the special seminar for us and look forward to many years of making use of what I have learned.“

Kaj, NOKIA Mobile Phones UK
„I wish to congratulate you on your excellent presentations in our seminar last week. The message people conveyed to me was very, very positive.“

John E. Renfeld, Vice President & General Manager, Toshiba
„The Process Communications Management Workshop I just attended must rate as a highlight of my business seminar experiences.“

Arthur Weisbach, AT&T
„In June, 1989 I had the good fortune to attend a session of Process Communication which you conducted in Maryland. I have wanted ever since then to tell you how valuable the experience was for me.“

Kenneth Wendel, Director of Quality, Unisys Corporation
„Process Communication was not just another boring management training. It greatly exceeded my expectations and has turned out to be the most valuable skills development course I have ever taken.“

NASA Manager
„The structure of the training was excellent. The content was outstanding. I would recommend this course to EVERYONE at work and in my personal life, even my 7 year old daughter.“
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